John Olson is Deaf Missionary with Baptist International Outreach and live in Jacksonville, FL

John Olson was born in Orlando, Florida.  In 1978, at the age of thirteen, two deaf friends, Bruce Kelly and Tom Adams,  witnessed to John about the gospel of Jesus, and John trusted Jesus as his Savior.  A year later, in 1979, John went to Bill Rice Ranch.  During that camp week, John was in the 14 and 15 years old boys’ class, and Reggie Remple taught the class.  In that class, Reggie spoke on Romans 10:14, and John surrendered to the Lord’s call on his life. John went to Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida.  It was where he met his wife, Tricia, and they married in 1989.  He graduated in 1990, and while as a student, he taught a couple classes for the deaf students.  He continued to teach in the deaf department till 1992. In 1992, Trinity hosted the DBFA, and John was called to missions to Germany.  After deputation, John and his family moved to Germany in 1994, and served there for six years.  In 2000, the Lord led him back to Trinity, where he has been there as deaf pastor now for 17 years. John and Tricia have four children, Deborah, Eric, Amanda and David.