Bill Schutt is Deaf Evangelist and live in Hammond, IN

On August 12, 1973,  Bill Schutt attended First Baptist of Hammond, IN during the preaching service from Dr. Jack Hyles and after his preaching he questioned  “Do you know for sure 99% that you would go to Heaven? Then you are not saved!” That made me doubt about it – I made assurance of my salvation and got baptized on same Sunday morning – Amen! On April 19, 1974 during the Deaf revival with Dr. Vernon Miller, a Deaf Missionary from Peru, was preaching on Friday night at Adam Chapel of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN. Dr. Miller made one statement that broke my heart with my tears – “Every five minute Deaf soul goes to hell –who cares?” That night I surrendered my life to preach and before that, my Deaf pastor Ivan Borton who taught me many spiritual things while I was student of Michigan School for the Deaf (15 till 20 years old). He asked me about going to Bible Institute in Grand Rapid, MI after MSD graduation, and I did not answer but scared inside my heart because I had never seen any deaf preacher at that time (1960s) in my life and I was also so shy and skinny. Bro. Ivan Borton was disappointed when I attended to RIT in 1969.  My RIT roommate John Vargo who was called by the Lord and was first Deaf student to enroll Hyles-Anderson College in 1972 and I was still there in RIT. John Vargo and his hearing friend visited me during the spring break in 1973 and stayed there in RIT for five days and tried to pull me to HAC. So my girlfriend Debbie and I joined with them on the road to Hammond, IN and we enjoyed to visit HAC and FBC on that weekend and I heard the Deaf preacher Dr. John Clark for the first time. I asked him if he is deaf. He said yes and God told me that Deaf person can preach, but I ignored His calling. Then we returned to RIT on bus. My parents wanted me to finish my degree first and then I may transfer to HAC. Otherwise, they would not support me at all. I was stuck till one night I prayed to God that I should go ahead to go to HAC by faith. Good enough with God’s grace I did make a decision about leaving RIT and I was accepted by HAC. My parents was angry about my decision. Many years later, my mother got saved in 1985 at DBFA in Atlanta, GA while I was preached. Martha Cook led her to the Lord. My dad was saved when he was 78 years old in FL and his third wife told me about his salvation by email. I was so blessed! Dad understood about spiritual thing and he was so glad that I am doing for the Lord. No more angry nor bitter against me. PTL! God was using these people to touch my heart about surrender to preach to the Deaf – Bro. Ivan Borton, Bro. John Clark and Bro. Vernon Miller. Finally the Lord got me! I am still preaching for 43 years for the Lord – He is so good all the time! Good enough with God’s grace I did transfer to Hyles-Anderson College in 1973 and graduated in May