Don Cabbage is a Missionary to the Deaf and live in El Paso, TX.
Betty and Don

Don and Betty married since January 31, 1964. Dr Bill and Cathy Rice’s daughter Betty and also Betty’s Uncle Dr John Rice. She was the first deaf graduate of Tennessee Temple University Bible School with THG in Missions. They have five children (including one adopted deaf child from South America.)

From 1966 to 1982 worked with Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro. Responsible for bringing 2,000 kids to camp two weeks out of the summer and pioneered the deaf ministries in churches around the country.

Former Teacher of American Sign Language at Tennessee Temple University on August 31, 1962 – June 29, 1982.

Established World Mission Society in 1982 and American Society for the Deaf in 1992.

Former Camp Director, Board of Directors, Consultant at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch on July 20, 1982 – 2010.

From 1990 until 2008 taught sign language and wrote teaching materials in 16 Country sign languages to establish deaf ministries in countries of Canada, Latin America, Caribbean Islands, Micronesia and Island countries of the South Pacific.

2008-2015 established English language Christian Schools in the Republic of South Korea and consulting deaf ministries in China. 30 Christian schools were established along with the Korean Association of Christian Schools and taught Bible lessons on the Far East Broadcasting Company always from Seoul, Korea once per week during the English broadcasting segment.

Don is Founder of Miracle Sign Deaf Baptist Church in El Paso, TX.