Earl Brigham is Deaf Pastor of West Orlando Baptist Church, Ocoee, FL

Earl was born in Panama Canal Zone. I was 2 age became deaf. He moved to America in 1953. I went to Florida School Deaf in St Augustine, Florida and graduated in 1966. I was very strong Catholic. My goal was to be Priesthood for Catholic. Someone witness me about Jesus so I was very mad. I noticed my parents changed their life. They always drink a beer and smoke. I asked my mother, where is beer and smoking. Mother told me that they are saved. I puzzled and they explained it to me from the Bible. I won’t read the Bible but my Dad show me Romans 3:23 and I got saved in 1971 and baptized in 1972. I love the Lord. I was a Sunday School Teacher in many years. I have been working with a barber shop more than 50 years. God called me a deaf Pastor since 1990. I am very involved with a Mission Trips and many different countries. I thank God that many deaf people saved. I have a seven Children and 15 grandchildren. And again, I love the Lord. Praise the Lord.