James Campbell is Deaf Pastor of Grace Bible Baptist Church and Deaf Missionary with IPM and lives in Baltimore, MD.

James Campbell was born deaf and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended a day school, Alexander Graham Bell School for the Deaf and then went on to attend mainstream programs during junior high school. After graduating the junior high school, he attended Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. After the high school, he went to National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) under Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), majored in architecture. He got suspended for fighting when he confronted his hearing bully. The suspension was lifted after an appeal. He got disgusted about how the incident was handled and he withdrew NTID in 1985. He returned to Cleveland and did several odd jobs. In 1987, he injured his back on the job, had several operations to repair discs and spent seven years of recovery from the injury. During the recovery, he worked as a volunteer layperson with the Catholic Church for a few years. He started to study and question its doctrines. He left Catholic Church after his priest got offended when he questioned about their doctrines and told him that he had no faith. He was considered to join Buddhism because he was fantastical how calm Buddhists were but there was no deaf ministry available. He decided that he is only focusing on the Holy Bible and doesn’t want to deal with religions. He struggled to understand the Bible and gave up trying. In 1992, he realized that his back is now 30 percent disabled and his job options were severely limited, he decided to attend Gallaudet University to study in biology.  At Gallaudet campus, he saw a flyer on the wall at the student center, titled “Light” inviting him to the bible study and he was thrilled that he can learn more about the Bible from a deaf teacher. But he got overwhelmed in the study and got freaked out when students made a circle to pray together. He never returned to the campus Bible study again. In November 1995, he worked as a resident advisor and one of his residents witnessed to him. That night he surrendered to God’s calling to full-time ministry, realized that after nine years of searching for the truth and there may be many deaf out there who are in the same situation as him. Who will tell them? He decided to learn how to witness and experienced persecution from his supervisor while working as a resident advisor. After graduating from Gallaudet University in 1997, he married his wife, Joy and they have four children together, Luke, born in 2001, Laura, born in 2004, and identical twins, Maddy and Vicky, born in 2007. They are trying to adopt a deaf boy, Namon from Ivory Coast. He went to Capitol Baptist Deaf College in order to pursue pastoral studies while serving various ministries at Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church in Silver Spring, MD. After graduating from the Bible college with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Studies, he became a college professor with Capitol Baptist and associate pastor with Hampshire View for 12 years. In 2016, he relocated to Baltimore, MD to become a deaf pastor at Grace Bible Baptist Church and Missionary with International Partnership Ministries. He conducted mission work, leadership training, and preaching camps around the world.