Jimmy Tsoukalas is Deaf Missionary to evangelize the Deaf in Malawi and lives in Rochester, NY.

Jimmy Tsoukalas was raised in a Greek Orthodox home in NYC, and is a first-generation American. Growing up, his parents did not learn to sign because Lexington School for the Deaf required the oral method of communication. He never understood what was happening at church, or why Jesus died. His brother went to a public high school, and their secular humanist philosophy influenced him to become an atheist. He also became an atheist and thought he would never believe in God!
However, he had a faithful friend named John Rivera who prayed for him. After six years, many answered questions, and seeing his example of what a Christian was, Jimmy repented of his sin and was born again. He is so thankful to God for saving his soul! 
He felt called to the mission field shortly after being saved. After graduating North Star Bible Institute at First Bible Baptist Church of Rochester NY, and serving in ministry, he was in a place to make a commitment to missions. 
His family served in South Africa for three years, joining missionary Chris Radebaugh’s ministry from 2007-2010. Jimmy taught in the Bible College, and then planted a church. They currently serve in Chipata, Zambia. He has planted a Deaf church ministry. Also, he has been discipling and mentoring a Deaf national Zambian preacher, named Bro. Paul Muyanda who graduated from North Star Bible Institute of Kafulatefa in the Copperbelt Province. Together they minister to the children at Magwero School for the Deaf every Saturday.
In 2017, Paul and Jimmy endeavored to evangelize the Deaf in Malawi. God allowed them to reconnect with a group of carpenters they had met previously in the capital city-Lilongwe. Ten carpenters came to trust the Lord Jesus as their Savior in one day! They asked for the Gospel to be shared with their families and friends. The Bible study was held weekly, and more Deaf people came to hear God’s words and got saved. The Deaf Malawian church was born and currently has 21 attenders, though they have no building, and continue to meet in the carpenter’s shop. They are still hungry for the Gospel to be shared beyond themselves.