John Troffo is Deaf Evangelist and live in Tampa, FL

John was born deaf and in Sevilla, Spain. Ana was born hearing then loss hear when she was 3 years old. She was born in Ha


vana, Cuba. John graduated from Montana School for the Deaf in 1981 and Ana graduated from Providence Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida in 1981. 1981, John was saved by through friend led me to Revival  Dr Reggie Rempel at Wood Crest Baptist church that time was college student in St Paul, Minnesota Technical Vocational Institute (TVI). John received personal as Saviour Jesus Christ that day December 10, 1981.  God changed my life and lead me different path. Ana got saved as personal Saviour Jesus Christ, does not remember the date when she got saved. John was baptism year later where John attend member at Fairview Baptist Church in Great Falls, Montana, Finally went to Tennessee Temple University 1982. Ana was attended Tennessee Temple University after graduated from High School 1981. We were married in 1988 in Tampa, Florida. We had only one daughter name is Rebecca, she is 26 years old. Rebecca got saved when she was 10 years old at Westgate Baptist church in Tampa, Florida. John was graduated in 1987 at Tennessee Temple University as Bachelor of Arts in Bible. Ana was graduated 1986 at Tennessee Temple University as Theology (THG)

as Christian Education. He graduated at Montana School for the Deaf in Great Falls 1981. She graduated Christian school at Providence Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida 1981. Deaf ministry 12 years as Pastor. Providence Baptist Church in Brandon (two years), West Gate Baptist Church in Tampa (three years), First Baptist Church New Port Richey (seven years), Sword Deaf Baptist Church (five years), and Current, Deaf Evangelist.