Lawrence Shillingburg is Missionary to the Deaf.

Dr. Lawrence R. Shillingburg D.D. & D.R.E. I received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity at Freelandia Bible College at Virginia & earned Doctor of Religious Education at Bible Baptist College at North Carolina.  Before that, I was ordained to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.I was born and raised in Ohio.  My parents were deaf & I’m CODA therefore sign language was my first language.  I attended Ashville High School and graduated 1958.  That same year joined the Navy for 6 years & was discharged.   I worked at different jobs. Lastly, I was a manager with Liberty Life Insurance Company.  I was married to Doris for 50 years.  Doris passed away December 26, 2012.  Now married to Kathleen Shillingburg.  It will be 4 years since September 9.  I have 11 children & 25 grandchildren & 19 great grandchildren..In 1973 I had a spiritual birth.  I received Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.  I became involved Deaf Ministry for the past 48 years.  And teaching sign language in Christian School & 3 different colleges.  Started Deaf Ministry in Caribbean Island, St Lucia, Barbados & Grenada.. Also in the USA..On 2019 I had shingles on my waistband look-like C then I found out I had cancer of pancreas & liver stage 4 progressive but through PRAYERS of 6 hearing churches, several deaf churches & Central West Virginia Preacher Association PRAYER over me along with many deaf & hearing peoples.  Through their faithful prayers.  I no longer have cancer GONE.  PRAISE LORD..God continues to use me to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for me & my wife as we travel..