Lee Johnson is BIMI with Missionary to the Deaf, Jesus the Vine Baptist Church, Chiclayo, Perú.

My name is Lee Johnson, my wife’s name is Eva and our daughter’s name is Melanie, who became eleven years old, in August 2008.  We’ve now been in Peru, (as a couple) since 1995, serving in the city of Chiclayo. The city of Chiclayo is located 12 hours north of Lima (the capital of Peru) with a population of about 900,000 people, which make it Peru’s fourth largest city.
  On July 30, 1995, under the guidance of the Lord, Eva and I started Iglesia Bautista para Sordos de Chiclayo (Deaf Baptist Church), in the city of Chiclayo.   We thank the Lord for Pastor Wilmer Dominquez of Primera Iglesia Bautista(First Baptist Church) who allowed us to start our church in a borrowed room on the fourth floor of his church building.  We started our church that first Sunday with just five people present.  From that humble beginning we’re now averaging, between 90 to 100 on Sundays, including both deaf and hearing people.
  The hearing part of our ministry really took off, in the year 2000.  It was truly amazing what the Lord has, and continue to do in Chiclayo.
  In the early part of 2003, our church had a business meeting, where we officially voted on a name of our church, which is now called, Jesus the Vine Baptist Church. 
  We have constantly seen salvation decisions between deaf and hearing, baptism, growth, and interest on the part of some our people, who have really gotten involved in different programs of the ministry. We praise the Lord for what He’s been doing since 1990.