Mike Bader is Deaf Missionary with BIO in Planting Deaf Ministries
Although born hearing, Bro Mike became deafened, at 4 months of age due to German measles.  However, the hearing loss went undiagnosed until age 2.  He attended public school, Deaf school, Oral school and a Christian school.  He took several additional college classes in Sign Language and Deaf Culture.
           At age 15, Mike was led to the Lord by his pastor.  Within two years, he started actively serving the Lord in: Bus Ministry, Visitation Outreach, Church Choir and Dramatic Specials.  Children’s Camp as Counselor to the Deaf.  
          He became the Deaf Sunday School teacher, then a pastor to the Deaf at two churches starting in 1982 in Michigan.  In 2003, God called him became a Missionary to the Deaf.  In total, he has been serving the Lord for  40+ years. They are thankful he is able to speak well and can preach by voice for deputation or revival meetings.

           Candy was saved at college in Ohio in 1973.  She knew God’s call to full-time mission work, but trained at Birmingham Bible Institute while waiting for God’s plan.  We met at the Bible Institute in 1982 and were married a year later.  They served together as Deaf Ministry pastor and interpreter in two churches from 1982-2002.  Bro Mike held an additional Sunday afternoon service for 4 years so he could preach to the Deaf in their own language.

           In addition to the local church work, Bro Mike was head of the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of Michigan from 1984 to 2001.  They held annual state-wide Deaf Revivals in local Baptist churches across Michigan until 2001.  In March 2002, he was commissioned as a Deaf Missionary to the Deaf at Sword Deaf Baptist Church, in Mason, OH . Bro. Mike was ordained into the gospel ministry in May, 2003.  They served in Kentucky for 6 years. Bro. Mike has trained 2 Deaf men in soul-winning.  Deaf and hearing were saved and most grew in the Lord.