Mike Holman is Deaf Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lebanon, IN. 

My name is Mike Holman.  I used to be known as “Bonz.” I was a Deaf skateboarder who has been skating for almost 30 years.  I rode my first board at age 15 and soon afterward became heavily involved in the skateboarding world.  But, I was lost.  Let me explain to you what that means. I was raised in a family who believed in evolution.  I had no idea that Jesus had died for me to provide me a home in Heaven.  I had never been told the plan of salvation.

When I was a student, a good friend of mine, James Liebrecht came to see me at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., and he told me the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I accepted Christ as my Saviour, and I surrendered to go to Hyles-Anderson College in 1996. 

In 1999, after I graduated from Hyles-Anderson College I moved to Louisiana and married my college Sweetheart, April.  The Pastor at her home church asked me to be the Deaf Pastor there in the church.  I pastored the Deaf in Louisiana for 6 years.  We moved to Indiana where I was the Deaf Pastor at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana for 3 1/2 years.  
In 2012, the Lord moved us to start a Deaf ministry in Lebanon, Indiana working with our hearing Pastor, Merv McNair.  I have served as the Deaf Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church Deaf ministry for 8 years now. 

The Lord has given April and I five beautiful children.  My oldest, Heidi, is soon to be a Sophomore at Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  My second child, Emily, graduates on May 15 of this year and will also be heading off to Heartland Baptist Bible College this Fall.  My daughter, Victoria, will be graduating High School in May of next year (2021) and will be going to Heartland as well.  Samuel and Caleb are still at home.  
I marvel at the free gift God has given me, and it is now my duty to share it with everyone!  Until just recently, I still skated with my 2 sons.  When we would skate, we always made sure to tell other skaters about the love of Christ and share with them the Good News of Heaven and how they can go there too.  
Since being at Lighthouse Baptist Church, God has blessed our Deaf Ministry so much!  We have seen much growth in our Deaf people, we have enjoyed 2 Deaf weddings, monthly Deaf services, Deaf banquets and celebrations and we are preparing now for our 3rd annual Deaf camp!  God is good!
Deaf Pastor Mike Holman Lighthouse Baptist Church Deaf Ministry Lebanon, IN