Mike Remington is Pastor of Sign of Life Baptist Church and Deaf Missionary with BIO and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Michael Remington was born deaf in 1965 and raised on a small Ranch near Longmont, Colorado.  His parents knew something was wrong with him, but didn’t discover he was deaf until he was about age 5.  After getting hearing aids his Sunday School teacher realized he was deaf and probably hadn’t understood the gospel of salvation.  So, she got a book from the Bill Rice Ranch and learned how to witness to the deaf.  Using flannel graph pictures and lip reading,she explained that all have sinned, and God’s plan of salvation.  Michael understood he was a sinner in need of a savior and asked Jesus had died to pay for his sin at age 7.    Growing up, he was the only deaf person in a Baptist Church with no interpreter, during church he would read his Bible during the preaching, and through this, he learned more of God’s interactions with man and His plans for man.  Michael often helped with Vacation Bible School at his church, and even went to teach Vacation Bible Schools on the Navajo Indian Reservation in AZ for 3 summers with the Church youth group. One summer they mentioned there was a deaf Navajo boy.  Though this, God began to burdened Michael to reach the deaf.   He attended main stream schools and graduated from Longmont High in 1983.  Michael often talked about Jesus and salvation with the deaf he met in Public Schools.   He went on to attend Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y. where he graduated with a B.S. in Photo Science in 1987.  While at R.I.T. he met and witnessed to many deaf, and attended a church pastored by a deaf man which opened his eyes to the world of Ministering for Jesus.  In 1988 Michael attended Temple Deaf College in Peoria, IL and later transferred to Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL  where he graduated with a B.A. in Theology in 1991.   There at Trinity, he met Amy Diley, and they married and moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1991, where they started a deaf ministry that became Signs of Life Baptist Church.  As they ministered to the Deaf in

Phoenix, they met and helped Many deaf with drug, alcohol, or rebellion problems.  In 2000 they officially started Remington Deaf Ranch as a 501c3 and became missionaries under B.I.O.In addition to the Deaf Church, and Rehabilitation program for deaf youth, Pastor Remington also travels and conducts Camps for the Deaf in Benin and Togo Africa, as well as Teaches Sign language and helps start deaf ministries in the Philippines.