Robert Fuller is Deaf Missionary.

Robert grew up in attending church without any interpreters. He had never heard any gospel until teen years. One day He picked up the tract and read it.  The tract gave the presentation of the gospel.  Over the times, He understood that He was a sinner.  He trusted Christ as his personal Savior on 20 May 1984. 

Robert went to BIMI Deaf Camp in 1994.  That was where he met his future wife, Mary who is a missionary serving in Peru and Ecuador for several years. The camp changed his life. One night at the service, God touched his heart about reaching Deaf people in the former USSR since the collapse of Soviet Communism. That night God called him to be a missionary to the deaf in Russia. After his graduation in 1997 with TH. G in Theology and Missions, he joined Baptist International Missions, INC in December 1997. 

Robert served Russia for 4 years. Then God led him into another field of Ukraine.  He worked with a deaf church where he was involved in various ministries for 6 years. 

Over the years, Robert and Mary returned to America to report their missionary work with many churches. We often met many times and became good friends.  God brought us together and united us in a marriage on 17 July 2010.  We served the Lord in Ukraine for one and half year. The Lord closed our ministry and sent us over to work with the Gunters in Melbourne, Australia for 4 years.

Because of visa situation, we had to leave Australia and God led us to serve Him at Harvest Deaf Ministries in Ringgold, Georgia.  We are teaching at Harvest Deaf Bible College for three years now.